Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Growing UR Biz in 2014 -Bossy Boss

Ok, it’s time to get real. Am I the only one who experiences ridiculously poor customer service? Help me! I’m starting to feel like I’m targeted for POOR, and I mean POOR, customer service. The research says it’s rampant, so why is it continuing and who’s to blame.

I’m, once again, minding my own business, went for a take out breakfast and the boss even called me “sweetie”. I think it was really “tip” sweetie! So, this very polite guy shows up at the counter with two pieces of bread, He said, “Excuse me, but I ordered toast and this bread is not toasted.” The BOSS said, “It’s toasted.” The customer said, “No it’s not.” The BOSS said, “Yes it is.” The customer said, “Look at this bread, it is not toasted.” The BOSS stormed off and said, “I’ll get your toast.” In the meantime a waitress shows up, clearly knows the customer and they start chatting. Obviously, a regular. OMG, he’s a regular! A few minutes later the toast shows up, it’s really toasted, on the verge of black. The customer says loudly, “The BOSS has an attitude!” The waitress comes over and looks at the customer with empathy. He now storms off and proceeds to a table in another area and tells no less than 10 people that the BOSS has an attitude and I’m sick of his #@%$.

WHY? Because people reflect what is going on in their personal life. They don’t know how to separate personal from professional. I will never believe that the issue that made him argue with the customer was TOAST!

5 Bossy Boss Lessons

1. Mr. Boss, you need to set an example for your staff, no matter what.

2. Mr. Boss, whatever is going on in your life, don’t bring it to work.

3. Mr. Boss, the customer is always right, please, don’t argue about “toast”

4. Mr. Boss, you’re ruining your company’s reputation one piece of toast at a time.

5. Mr. Boss, if you can’t stand the heat, get away from the toaster!

I’m just saying, if I were you and I wanted to build my business, or GROW UR BIZ, customer service would be on the top on my list. When I was viewing this ridiculous drama, I was thinking, they sound like two teenagers arguing over TOAST. Oh please!! My message to the BOSSY BOSS, just toast the bread!

Don’t ruin your morning

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