Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Emmaus Main Street Partners

Jeff McElhaney, Edward Jones - Emmaus
Emmaus Main Street Partners President
610-965-9734 •

Emmaus is a wonderful place! As we plan many events and projects ahead, we find a renewed sense of energy within our organization. The Emmaus Main Street Partners (EMSP) was started in 1995 with a focus on revitalizing the Emmaus historic downtown.  This goal remains, but with an enhanced vision to strengthen the economic vitality of the entire town.  This can only be accomplished through a unified effort among business and community members.

We appreciate the generous support we’ve received from our members.  As we move forward, I ask that we unite even more as a community to support the EMSP, a program that brings life and prosperity to Emmaus through grants,  committee work and events. If you are a GLVCC member you are also a member of Emmaus Main Street Partners. Unite with us to revitalize Emmaus and create more economic opportunity.  Our mission, along with relationships we build and the value added from our enhanced membership benefits, are a compelling reason to align with the EMSP!

Thank you to The Chamber Foundation for its generous grant of $2,000 that was awarded to support our marketing efforts.

Upcoming events include Farewell to Summer Festival to be held throughout downtown Emmaus on Saturday, September 13. The EMSP Beer Truck will be at Emmaus Community Park for the Emmaus Special Entertainment Commission’s Bluegrass Festival, Saturday, September 27. For these and upcoming events, visit

Thank you all for your support and let’s make the coming months the best of the year!

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