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Ahh, the Golden Girls, a blast from the past, hysterical, comedic genius on Saturday nights with a hint of naughty.  From 1985-1992, they came into our homes.   There was Rose (played by Betty White star of Hot in Cleveland), innocent and always missing the punch line.  Dorothy (Bea Arthur), can’t get a date and she could give looks to kill.  Blanche (Rue McClanahan), the frivilous man chaser and Ma or Sophia (Estelle Getty), Dorothy’s smart aleck mom from Sicily.  Picture it, every show included some kind of discussion in the kitchen in their robes, eating cheesecake.  If you are too young to remember this show, bear with me, and I insist you look for a rerun.  If you are having a bad day it will be funny, funny, funny.  This week Rose insisted they all attend a workshop on positivity.  The motivational speaker walks in and the audience yells, “YOU’RE SPECIAL!”  After a short intro, the speaker asks if anyone is new to the class.  Dorothy and Ma stand up and introduce themselves. Dorothy said her name and Ma introduced herself as movie star Melanie Griffith.  Everyone starts telling them they’re special but it’s not genuine, not sincere and not believable.  Dorothy and Ma get up to leave and say they are not comfortable here and the speaker begins to tell them they obviously have a negative attitude and need to stay to get POSITIVE.  THE QUESITON IS...IS THAT POSSIBLE? 

When it comes to your business, we might want to take some lessons from the Golden Girls.  You might even have these above mentioned personalities in your business.  Here are some tips for helping to create positive atmoshere in your biz. 

1. The leadership/boss/leader creates the atmosphere... everyone is appreciated for what they do, no matter what their position.

2. Excellence is not just talked about, it’s lived.  BTW, excellence does not mean perfection.

3. Treat everyone like they are the only one in the office, give them compliments when earned not just when you’re in a team meeting.  YOU’RE SPECIAL is not going to work without being sincere. 

Golden Girls Trivia.....
Estelle Getty (Ma, was younger than Bea Arthur and Betty White)

The show ended because Bea Arthur (Dorothy wanted to leave the show)

It was the first television series to be produced by Disney

Rumor was that Betty White and Bea Arthur did not get along because Bea didn’t like Betty’s perky, positive attitude.  Go figure!

Betty White is wildly popular today, there is a Facebook campaign to have her host Saturday Night Live, she is the star of Hot in Cleveland and is known for her love of animals. 

Take it from Ma, as she went to leave the workshop her Sicilian personality says, “I’m leavin’ you’re all nuts!”  Isn’t that special!

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