Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Letter from the Ambassadors Council,Joseph Facchiano, Voluntary Benefit Solutions-Aflac

7 Positive Touches

Your Chamber Ambassadors are always thinking of ways to contribute to your business’ success.  At our April monthly meeting, we were designing our next ‘Art of Networking’ event and our discussion focused on how your business can help more new customers.

You’ve heard us say many times that people do business with people whom they know, like, and trust.  So how do we get to that level of relationship?  One school of thought is that it takes 7 positive touches with a new acquaintance to develop rapport.  What is a positive touch?  We like to think of it as anytime you add value to someone else’s life.  It could be as simple and easy as a smile, or pronouncing the person’s name correctly.

When you meet someone at a networking event AND promise to follow-up by sending an email with some information you think will help them, AND you actually send the promised email; that’s as many as 3 positive touches!  Note: if you don’t keep the promise, that’s a negative touch, or two.  We believe the key is to deliver value to the other person before you ask for value in return.

The 7 positive touches can be in person, or by phone, or by email.  

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