Tuesday, June 16, 2015

On-the-Job Training - Your Workforce Solution

Nancy Dischinat, Executive Director of the Lehigh Valley Workforce Investment Board, Inc. explains the benefits of On-the-Job Training.

You need qualified workers?  We’ve got them!  You need resources to build a qualified workforce?  We’ve got that, too!  The On-the-Job Training program through PA CareerLink® Lehigh Valley lets you hire and train skilled workers while being reimbursed at the same time.

Workers in the On-the-Job training program learn new skills and gain first-hand industry experience. Individuals may qualify for the program if they reside in either Lehigh or Northampton County, are currently unemployed, or are underemployed and seeking different employment.  On-the-Job Training improves job candidate attractiveness to an employer if they lack certain job qualifications, or if the job requires a specific skill set employees need to learn on the job.

Employers save thousands through the On-the-Job Training program.  Last year, 37 Lehigh Valley companies saved more than $300,000 in training costs through On-the-Job Training.  How does it work?  The employer agrees to provide training for up to six months while the employee learns skills required for the position, and during that time, the company is reimbursed for a portion of the worker’s salary equaling at least 50 percent of the new hire’s wages.

Sound good?  If you are interested in On-the-Job Training, please contact the PA CareerLink® Lehigh Valley Business Engagement Services Team at
610-437-5627, extension 136, or

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