Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Scoop on Pets - Be Ready- Pet First Aid Kit

The Scoop on Pets
By Denise Cassidy-Dietsch

Be Ready- Pet First Aid Kit
As pet lovers, we like to take our pets with us, whenever we can.  Whether we are on vacation, on a long hike or walk, or out for a simple car ride, accidents and injuries can happen.  You have a first aid kit for your family. Why not for your pets?  Although there are many ready-made pet first aid kits available at your local pet stores, you can also make your own.  I keep one in my vehicle, in the event that we run into an emergency while travelling.  It can be made very light-weight, to pack in your back pack, for hiking with your dog.
Lightweight, foam, zippered containers (shown in the picture) can be purchased at your local pharmacy.  Some even offer the container for free, if you purchase a few of the items on the list below.  The following items should be included in any pet first aid kit:
*     Copies of your pet’s current rabies vaccine certificate.  The tag is not adequate proof, if something were to happen
·         Copies of your dog’s current county license.  Again, the tag is not adequate proof, if something were to happen
·         Instruction card for pet CPR
·         Your veterinarian’s emergency contact info and phone number
·         Latex, or latex free surgical gloves
·         Antiseptic wipes to clean your hands before and after treatment
·         Sterile pads
·         Vet Wrap
·         Compression pads or a maxi pad, to apply pressure when required
·         Stretchy gauze
·         Diphenhydramine (such as Benadryl), for allergic reactions
·         Diphenhydramine spray or cream
·         Adhesive tape
·         Stethoscope, to locate a pulse
·         Styptic stick or powder, to stop the bleeding of cracked toenails
·         First Aid Cream
·         Iodine
·         Hydrocortisone cream
·         Tweezers, to remove ticks or splinters
·         Scissors, preferably with a rounded tip
·         Cotton swabs
·         Eye wash
·         Ace bandage
Most of the items on this list can be purchased in small quantities, to keep your kit light-weight.  The purpose of having a pet first aid kit is to provide minor treatment to your pet, or to stabilize him before transporting him to your veterinarian for professional, medical treatment.  It is not to replace proper, medical treatment.  For major injuries, pick up your cell phone, and call your vet’s emergency number for guidance.

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