Friday, November 13, 2015

Dynamic vs. Static - Keep your Website Active

Dynamic vs. Static Marketing

Online Marketing is Dynamic Marketing!
You are done developing your website. Great, check that off the to do list, enjoy the moment, appreciate the accomplishment.
Does that mean that you don’t have to look at it again for a while, set it and forget it? Absolutely not!
When you finish a printed brochure, you put it on the shelf, and you don’t look at it until you start to run low, or until you have a major change.  Printed materials can be expensive to update…how many times have you seen stickers on old brochures with new addresses, phone numbers or emails?
Unlike Printed Materials, Online Marketing is DYNAMIC!
Your website is a live connection to the public.  When something in your business changes, your website can be updated immediately.  Simple website updates are easy and efficient.
Facebook and Twitter posts can be shared immediately, and reach your target audience in seconds. These posts don’t have to be lengthy, or cover all the details. They are signposts that direct traffic to your website & blog…where you have more specific information.
Blog posts can highlight your new and existing services, focus on your areas of expertise, and feature your staff and their accomplishments.  Your blog is an excellent opportunity to promote your business as a source of reliable information.  Do you have an opinion about a specific topic, guidelines for making choices, or insights into products?  Use your blog post as a means of sharing that message in a thoughtful way.
Take Advantage of the Online Opportunities!
The more active your website is, the higher your site will rank in search engine listings. When you post regularly, the search engines recognize that your business is current and engaged.
An active website presents an opportunity to stay current, and offers you the benefits of a higher ranking…which increases your visibility.
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