Thursday, January 7, 2016

Could you locate the Lehigh Valley Civil Service Testing Center on a map?

Nancy Dischinat
Executive Director,
Lehigh Valley Workforce Development Board, Inc.

Could you locate the Lehigh Valley Civil Service Testing Center on a map?

That’s because there isn’t one!

The Pennsylvania General Assembly has been working on the state budget for months and although I eagerly anticipate the budget negotiations outcome, I am also looking forward to a decision by the State Civil Service Commission that will support our job seekers and workforce right here in the Lehigh Valley.

Lehigh Valley legislators are diligently working to reopen the State Civil Service Testing Center in Allentown.  Civil Service is a merit system of employment that hires, retains and promotes people based on their qualifications and ability to perform the job.  The Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission administers the merit employment system for 37 state agencies and almost 57,000 civil service employees. Approximately 9,000 employees work for 300 local government offices that have contracted with the Commission to provide merit services.

Currently, the closest testing centers for Lehigh Valley residents are Harrisburg, Philadelphia or Scranton.  Some people may remember that Allentown used to have a testing location-- and believe me it was a robust center-- which assisted thousands of residents in finding public service positions.  In its last year of operation, the Allentown center administered over 4,700 exams. 

Thank you to Rep. Peter Schweyer and Rep. Mike Schlossberg for making the reopening of the Allentown Civil Service Testing Center a priority.  There is bipartisan support on state and federal levels to allocate funding that would reinstate the facility.  This testing center will provide essential services and opportunities for the residents of the Lehigh Valley.  Positions available through the State Civil Service Commission include clerical, engineering, financial, IT, nursing, science professionals, social services, trades and more.  That is a lot of opportunity for Lehigh Valley residents! Could having a testing center in the Lehigh Valley help you or someone you know find a career?

To hear more from our local legislators please visit the links below and contact them to express your thoughts on reopening the center here in Allentown.  Individuals interested in exploring merit service employment opportunities at the state and local government levels are encouraged to check the commission's  For more information please contact please contact me at

Rep. Schweyer       

Rep. Schlossberg

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