Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Employers!!! Did you know PA CareerLink LV Means Business!!

Our business is to provide the skilled human resources needed to satisfy employers’ employment, training, and other business needs. We can help maximize your efficiency and save you time!  The following is a sample of the business and industry “one-stop” services the Pennsylvania CareerLink® Lehigh Valley provides to employers:
·    ~Seasonally adjusted unemployment rates
·   ~ A job and labor market overview of the Greater Lehigh Valley
· ~  Trends in employment projections and a description of job seekers in the Lehigh Valley
   ~  Continued growth areas and high demand occupations
Current salary information, benefit packages, and personnel policies
 ~Workforce availability
~Employer cutbacks and closings so businesses know where new hires can be found
PA CareerLink® Lehigh Valley is a one-stop answer to all your human resource needs with:
~Trained workforce development professionals
~Staff who are members of the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals and the Society for Human Resource Management
~ Knowledgeable staff current on human resource issues
~ Staff is focused on employment issues and will work with you to recruit the workforce your business needs to be competitive 
~A Rapid Response Team reacts within 24 hours to any industry start-up or business restructuring
PA CareerLink® Lehigh Valley will:
~ Advertise, recruit, collect, screen, assess, and refer qualified workers that meet your specific job description and skills qualifications
~ Serve as the focal point of recruitment by accepting applications at our one-stop locations
~Provide employers with office space and the administrative support needed for interviewing and selection of your workforce
Our business and community connections include:
~A network of over 80 community based and business organizations
~ Our active involvement with the Chamber of Commerce and business education partnerships
~Our work in concert with county, city, state, and national governments through an active Workforce Investment Board has earned us a reputation as a one-stop shop

Now employers after reading about all these great services why haven't you called us? For more informattion please call the Business Engagement Team at (610) 437-5627 ext. 136 to  e-mail us at
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