Tuesday, May 17, 2016

When they're searching for a leaders, will they call your name?

Nancy Dischinat,
Executive Director,
Lehigh Valley Workforce Development Board, Inc.

The Lehigh Valley Business Education Partnership a subsidiary of the Lehigh Valley Workforce Development Board, Inc is working on an initiative with employers to offer a college tuition assistance program for youth.  Employers are encouraged to offer a tuition benefit ranging from $.75 to $1.00 per hour for every hour worked as a co-op student, intern, apprentice or new employee.  The money in the escrow account can only be used for tuition at our post secondary institutions.  The money is an employer contribution for tuition not supplemental salary.  This program can yield tax credits for employers.  The sum of money can quickly grow from $1,500 to $2,000 or higher each year, which usually cover the cost of part-time enrollment to obtain an associate degree at a community or technical college.  Our goal?? Your associates degree debt free.

The Lehigh Valley Business Education Partnership has been working on another initiative with Bloomsburg University, Lehigh Carbon Community College and Northampton Community College to offer Lehigh Valley residents a Bachelor of Applied Science in Technical Leadership (BAS-TL). This program is geared toward the working professional, new graduate or returning adult student.

Evening Classes to Fit Your Schedule- Most Technical Leadership in-person and online courses are scheduled in the evenings, which offers you the flexibility to attend classes while still meeting your work and family commitments.

Transfer at Least 60 credits- Graduates of community college associate degree programs transfer at least 60 credits and move forward as juniors.

A High-Value Bachelor's Degree at a Reasonable Cost-Smooth transfer of credits from your associate degree, plus additional community college courses built into the program, make this an affordable path to your bachelor's degree.

Part & Full-Time Options- You make the choice! Select a part or full-time course plan that allows you to move through the program at your own pace.

Prepare for the New Connected Workplace-The evolving global economy requires us to work with others in both face-to-face and online situations. The Technical Leadership program prepares you for these new workplace demands by giving you experience in project work in a mix of online and face-to-face courses.

Need more information on BAS-TL?
Contact Dr. Carol Adukaitis at Bloomsburg University at 570-389-5135

Interested in hearing more about the college tuition assistance for career and technical school students and graduates?
Contact Clyde Hornberger from LVBEP at 610-657-1345.

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