Wednesday, July 13, 2016

STEM Camp 2016- Look at all the FUN we are having!


This week eight girls (future woman) from around the Lehigh Valley have been participating in the Careerlinking Academy STEM Camp 2016!  It is only Wednesday and the girls have participated in many educational and fun actitivites around the Lehigh Valley. These programs focus on education and careers centered around science, technology, engineering and math. Pictures are worth a thousand words so I will let the pictures speak for themselves!  But here are some captions for the photos:
The Ice Cream Lab in Walnutport- team building, production management and communication skills!
Math Game 2X3- multiplication skills game developed by a Bethlehem family!
Lehigh Carbon Community College- education and careers centered around STEM!
Williams-Sonoma- cooking with science and business product and services!
Apple- technology and the future gadgets we will all be using!
Wells Fargo- banking, math, money and goals!

If you would like to follow their adventure check out our Twitter @pacareerlinklv or on Facebook @pacllv

Stay tuned on Friday, I will have more photos and wrap up about our STEM Camp 2016.
If you are interested and would like your 10 year old to participate please contact me directly at

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