Monday, November 21, 2016

$400K IP funding will help train....

Nancy Dischinat, Executive Director, Lehigh Valley Workforce Development Board, Inc.

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry recently awarded $4.6 million in Industry Partnership grants to fund 28 partnerships among 19 workforce development boards across the state.

What are Industry Partnerships (IPs) ???
IPs focus to bring together companies in the same industry sector to brainstorm innovative workforce skills needed to make their industry more competitive.  These formal meetings or forums allow regional businesses to discuss individual business needs, gaps they see in their industry and variety of issues not just worker training.  Discussions such as Wage gains, career advancement, entry-level employment and increased productivity are just a few ways that IPs provide a return on investment.

We are honored that the Lehigh Valley received $400K from PA Department of Labor and Industry.

• The Lehigh Valley Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics Industry Partnership received $200,000 for training and intermediary services for 115 participants in the logistics and transportation industry.
• The Lehigh Valley Diversified Manufacturing IP was awarded $200,000 for training and intermediary services for 138 participants in the advanced manufacturing Industry. 

These growing industry sectors in the Lehigh Valley are critical drivers of our economy, making up 17 percent of jobs in the region.

Industry Partnership resources give businesses in these targeted sectors the opportunity to train their current workforce, increase skills, improve productivity and allow our employers to remain profitable in a highly competitive marketplace.

Stay tuned!!  I will be updating you on the results of these investments into these valuable Lehigh Valley sectors.

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