Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Employers: Get Involved in Lehigh Valley’s Industry Partnerships!

Nancy Dischinat, Executive Director, Lehigh Valley Workforce Development Board, Inc.

We are pleased to announce that the Lehigh Valley Workforce Development Board recently received $400,000 of Industry Partnership funds from the PA Department of Labor and Industry to upskill workers in two crucial Lehigh Valley industry sectors: $200,000 for Diversified Manufacturing and $200,000 for Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics.

These high-demand, high-growth industries are critical drivers of Lehigh Valley’s economy, making up 17 percent of jobs in our region.  Industry Partnership resources give businesses in targeted sectors the opportunity to train their current workforce, increase skills, improve productivity, and allow employers to remain profitable in a highly competitive marketplace.

To understand local workforce needs and how these valuable resources can be directed based on business demands, the LVWDB in partnership with the Chamber hosted an Employer Roundtable in November to identify common training and workforce needs.  The discussion uncovered training needs such as leadership, supervisory, team building, continuous improvement, Lean principles, problem solving, communications skills and more, as well as occupational training such as machining, Commercial Driver’s
License (CDL), forklift, quality, safety, electrical, and industrial maintenance, to name just a few.  Employers expressed the importance of increasing career awareness of their industry, ensuring the transfer of knowledge, upskilling their current workforce, and building a future workforce pipeline. 

If you are a Diversified Manufacturing, Transportation, Warehousing or Logistics company, we invite you to get involved, share your workforce needs, and join our Industry Partnerships.  Please contact me at 610-841-1122 or email and help build Lehigh Valley’s world-class competitive workforce.  

The Lehigh Valley Workforce Development Board recently invited over 35 manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and logistics companies to a roundtable discussion.  Industry leaders identified over 50 training needs and discussed programs that provide resources for Lehigh Valley Industry Partnerships.

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