Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Public Policy Committee Meets with PA Legislatures

Dorota Gasienica-Kozak, Esq., King Spry Herman Freund & Faul, LLC, Public Policy Committee Chair

The Public Policy Committee once again met with our legislators for further discussion about the Chamber’s policies and how we can make a greater impact for our members.  Pennsylvania State Representatives Peter Schweyer and Mike Schlossberg joined us to review our policies, discuss upcoming new legislation and describe their biggest goals for 2017. 

Per Representative Peter Schweyer, “2017 will prove to be a difficult year as Pennsylvania is facing a significant budget shortfall that will require us to reimagine how government works while still investing in our communities and our future.  I believe that we can craft a responsible budget that invests in our schools and provides responsible human services without harming the business and job climates.  Partisanship has not prevented us in the Legislature from working with Governor Wolf to accomplish meaningful change as we did by legalizing medical marijuana, modernizing liquor sales and addressing the heroin epidemic.”

Per Representative Mike Schlossberg, “During the 2017-2018 session, I will continue my efforts on mental health, fighting for resources to deliver critical care and working to break down stigmas that cause people to not seek the health care they need.  Community schools will also be a priority, as we make do with what is necessary to support our students.  Pennsylvania voters told us loud and clear that we need to build a stronger economy.  I look forward to continuing the fight for workers, our neighborhoods, taxpayers and small businesses. We have a lot of difficult decisions to make this year. It is up to all of us to do this together and find solutions that work and deliver for Pennsylvania.” 

The Committee will continue in its efforts to meet with our legislators to discuss our continued three policy goals in 2017 which are transportation, workforce development and the pension crisis.

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