Monday, March 6, 2017

How to Get the Value out of Your Chamber Membership

Interview with Nate Kline, Senior Account Executive, Infradapt, LLC.

Why did you originally get involved with the Chamber?

Infradapt has been a Chamber Member for almost 10 years now.  Infradapt got involved with the GLVCC to help brand our name, network, and attract new customers.  We feel that the Chamber is a great vehicle to network and get our name out to local businesses in the Lehigh Valley. 

How did you originally get involved with the Chamber?

I was personally invited to become a Chamber Ambassador after I approached a fellow Ambassador, Larry Bernhard, to ask him about his services.  It was funny how it happened.  I was at a sales call and waiting to meet with my prospect, when I saw Larry come into the waiting room.  Larry was dropping off a new Corporate Images catalog for this year’s hottest apparel items.  I approached Larry and asked him about his company, and must have impressed him with my outward personality because he started to introduce me to the Ambassadors, which I expressed great interest in.  I reached out to him regularly asking him if I could come to the next meeting!  Once the monthly Ambassador’s meeting occurred, I learned that I knew about half of the existing Council and was voted in!

What volunteer positions have you held and/or do you hold?

I currently serve as the Events Committee Co-Chair and actively organize, plan, and execute events and local company tours to help meet our annual revenue goals!

How have you benefited from being a Chamber member either personally, professionally or from a company level?

I have benefited from being an Ambassador.  Every time that I am able to assist a fellow Chamber member on how to get the most out of their membership and provide advice on how to maximize exposure, I benefit from the satisfaction of being able to help and assist others.  Because after all, we are all here for one reason, and that is to expand our network and grow our business!  Additionally, I have come across a few good sales opportunities from fellow members that I am currently working on converting to new Infradapt clients.

How do you recommend others get involved to get the value out of their membership?

All Ambassadors recommend that other Chamber members actively attend Chamber events and get out to network!  It is like any other business relationship or relationship in general, it takes work!  Additionally, we recommend that members associate with one of the many Councils, and become more active within those Councils by regularly attending events and serving on a Council Committee.  Last but not least, attend a “Mastering Your Membership Orientation.”  This is a crash course on all of the ways to get the most value out of your Chamber Membership! 

What is your favorite aspect of the Chamber?

My favorite aspect of the Chamber is the close network and bond that the Chamber creates in business.  It is almost like a “fraternal brotherhood” for business.  Being the 7th largest Chamber of Commerce in the nation doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it happen without effort from the members.  Having each and every member regularly attend mixers, come out to lunch and learns,  attend company tours, and make appearances at all of the galas and summits is what makes the GLVCC so powerful.  The Lehigh Valley has already been put on the map.  Together, we can make the Lehigh Valley stay on the map and rise to the top 5!

What do you hope to gain from your continual involvement with the Chamber?

What I hope to gain from my continual involvement with the Chamber is to eventually say that I volunteer my time for the #1 largest Chamber of Commerce in the United States of America!  I also hope that Infradapt will one day become a well-known and trusted name in the Lehigh Valley for Outsourced IT and VoIP solutions. 

What do you wish new members knew about Chamber Membership?

I wish that new members could see the immense value and great business potential that this organization brings to the Lehigh Valley.  The GLVCC is like a glue that holds our local business community together and sanctions events to bring us all closer.  As your fellow Chamber Member and Ambassador of the GLVCC, I vow to show you the way, and provide you with the knowledge and tools to get the most out of your Membership!

How have you gotten the value out of your membership?  

I have gotten the value out of being an Ambassador.  Infradapt is a local technology company offering outsourced IT Solutions for SMBs here in the Lehigh Valley.  That being said, we are trying to increase brand awareness and let local businesses know that they have a friendly and knowledgeable IT Partner only a few miles away.

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