Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How to Get the Value out of Your Chamber Membership

Julie Knight, Financial Advisor - Morgan Stanley, Chair, Ambassadors Council

Interview with Trevor Scarlato, Branch Manager, Wells Fargo

Why did you originally get involved with the Chamber?
I grew up in the Lehigh Valley which gave me great opportunities. I wanted to continue to network and give back to the community I live and work in. The Chamber brings communities together and makes the Lehigh valley a better area to be.

How did you originally get involved with the Chamber?
I had amazing mentors through Wells Fargo and Moravian College that are very involved in The Chamber. They spoke with me regarding involvement and I was able to get my foot in the door.

How have you benefited from being a Chamber member?
I have been able to make a positive name for myself and company in the community. Whether we are sponsoring or hosting events everyone sees how we put in the extra time and resources to support the Valley.

How have you gotten the value out of your membership?
I have connected to start up small businesses in our area, generated money for non-profits such as school district’s and parks/stadiums, and volunteered time for many great charities.

How do you recommend others get involved to get the value out of their membership?
Attend as many events as possible!!

What is your favorite aspect of the Chamber?
Making a difference in the communities we live and work in.

What do you hope to gain from your continual involvement with the Chamber?
Continued growth, meeting new people, creating positive impressions, and growing business throughout the Valley.

What do you wish new members knew about Chamber Membership?
It’s a great way to not only get involved but to make a difference. If you’re not sure about current events or happenings in your local area’s it’s a great way to learn and branch out of your company to the larger community.

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