Thursday, May 25, 2017

Initative underway to address truck traffic in Upper Macungie Township

Ron Eichenberg, Hanna Frederick Commercial, Western Lehigh Chamber Chair

Truck traffic appears to be a topic on the agendas of many municipalities throughout the Lehigh Valley. Our own Kathy Radar with her fellow Supervisors and the management of Upper Macungie Township are taking a proactive approach to the issue. In a continuing effort to address concerns about traffic problems in Upper Macungie Township, an initiative is underway to enjoin the trucking industry, local businesses and citizens with law enforcement in a strategic plan to affect positive changes through collaborative action.

Called the Good Neighbor Coalition (GNC), the initiative was developed over a two-year span. According to Chief Edgardo A. Colón, it is being “aggressively embedded” at all levels of the UMT community through a series of meeting exchanges with citizen groups, trucking firms, elected legislators, government officials and local leaders of business and industry.

The Mission of the Good Neighbor Coalition (GNC) is to enhance safety and improve community relations between law enforcement and the commercial and residential entities within UMT and beyond. This endeavor will be accomplished through education, awareness and mutual cooperation. This will be in keeping with the Department’s mission of being “Committed to Service.”

For more information on the GNC or if you’d like to participate in the establish Work-Groups, please e-mail either Chief Edgardo A. Colón at or Sergeant Cory S. Reader at They can also be contacted via phone at 484-661-5911. Make sure to “Like” our Western Lehigh Chamber Facebook page to stay up to date on things happening in our area.

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