Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Nonprofit & Business Partners Council puts on stellar Collaboration Conference

Matthew J. Pye, Just Born, Nonprofit & Business Partners Council Chair

The Nonprofit & Business Partners Council put on another amazing Collaboration Conference on April 19 at the beautiful Miller Symphony Hall in Allentown. This was the 4th Annual Collaboration Conference and over 200 people came out to network, listen to inspiring speakers, meet with Lehigh Valley Funders and take away key personal and organizational insights. The theme of the conference was “Making Choices That Move Us Forward.” Melba Tolliver shared her story how she became the first black person ever to anchor a network news program and made a choice not to cover up her afro at the request of network executives. John Dodds, former Air Products Global Brand & Marketing Communications Director, shared five ways to build a purposeful partnership that we can choose to follow. Seth Price, Brand Expert & author of The Road to Recognition, talked about why trust matters to becoming successful and how people choose to partner with certain organizations and people who are trusted. The speaker's content and insights reinforced how our community can collaborate and collectively make the right choices to move forward on building a more vibrant Lehigh Valley Community.

The Bel Canto Children’s Chorus of The Bach Choir of Bethlehem performed for the conference and most attendees stuck around after the conference to attend the Funder’s Fair. Foundations and for-profit companies who have grant programs were available to network and discuss their funding requirements with nonprofits. Congratulations to Building 21 of Allentown who received this year’s Community Collaboration Award. Many people on our council contributed to make this event a success, but in particular I would like to thank our event chairperson Andrew Cassano, Administrative Director of Zoellner Arts Center and Lorie Reinert, our Chamber Staff Liaison for the NPBP Council.

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