Monday, May 8, 2017

The true value of LED technology is yet to be realized.

Neil Schroder, Synergy Electrical Sales, Energy & Environment Committee Member

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a revolution going on in the lighting world. Walk down any light bulb aisle in America and you can’t miss it. It’s interesting to note that LED’s (light-emitting diode) have been around since the ‘80’s; however, it wasn’t until TV manufactures began producing LED flat panel televisions that the price in individual components became economical enough to provide LED’s as a lighting source for the masses.

However, there is far more value to this emerging light source than just pure energy savings. A recent study found that Color Rendering Index (CRI), more simply -- how good something looks under artificial light- plays a much higher role in productivity and general wellness than brightness of that light. LED’s produce a light much closer to the full spectrum light from the Sun…meaning greater productivity and LESS WASTE, which pays huge dividends to our environment.

Furthermore, in the commercial world LED technology is allowing manufactures to piggyback other building systems onto the light fixtures themselves. In the very near future you will see light fixtures that also provide space utilization, carbon monoxide levels, security data, temperature readings, high speed internet, etc. This merging of building systems means commercial buildings will run 30-50% more efficiently and the elimination of numerous redundant systems in the construction process, further reducing the impact on the environment from start to finish. In the end, LED technology will continue to push the efficiency envelope, but look for these additional benefits to really drive impact.

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