Thursday, June 1, 2017

New Member Highlight: East Allen Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

Mary Kositz, ESSA Bank & Trust, Greater Bath Chair

East Allen Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps has been proudly serving their community since 1979. Since its inception, EATVAC has been dispatched to over 30,000 calls with nearly 20,000 resulting in patients being transported to local hospitals.

Their volunteers span many generations, from teenagers to retirees, volunteering their time to provide for their neighbors in their time of need. Many do so while balancing the responsibilities of family, work and school. Many also volunteer for other EMS and fire departments. Others hold jobs as nurses, fire fighters, and there is even a police officer and pilot. One long time member just celebrated his 35th anniversary with the Corps!

Along with 911 emergency ambulance services, EATVAC provides East Allen Township and surrounding communities with Fire Rehab Services, EMS stand-by services for community events such as the LV Air Show and High School “Arrive Alive” programs, and work often with youth organizations such as the Boy Scouts. They also provide numerous training opportunities such as CPR and First Aid for adults and youth, emergency vehicle operations and driver training, and much more.

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