Saturday, August 12, 2017

Networking 101

Nate Kline, Infradapt, Ambassadors Council Committee Member

As Ambassadors, one of our goals is to assist new members in getting the most out of their Chamber membership, and we provide tips on how to maximize the value of your membership. One of those tips is to regularly attend networking events. The Chamber has eight business and diversity councils that regularly host business networking events every month. Get closer to the councils that you feel are aligned with your business, and actively participate in their events. Get to know the council  members and see if they need volunteer assistance! The truth is that networking does not happen overnight. Relationships do not happen overnight. Like any relationship, successful business relationships take time to develop. And, as they say, you get out what you put in to it.

Maybe you are shy, or maybe you think that networking is a waste of time. Here are a few networking tips to assist you at your next event.

Networking is about being genuine and authentic, building trust and getting to know other local business-minded people. Become a powerful resource for others and help others, so they learn to turn to you for suggestions, ideas, etc. Keep the dialogue interesting, and do not turn it into a sales pitch. The conversation will naturally turn to what you do for a living, but that does not translate into a sales pitch. Try to keep the conversational flow without making it awkward, even if that means talking about non -usiness related topics. Get to know the person that you are talking to, and see how you may be able to help them out. Lastly, create actionable takeaways, and make sure you execute on them. Whether that is a follow up meeting, or phone call, make sure to keep your word.

Please visit the Chamber calendar for this month’s events list. And, if you are at an event, look for the gold Ambassadors badge. We will gladly introduce you to as many contacts that we have in
the room!

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