Monday, October 9, 2017

Education in Allentown: Caring for Our Future Leaders

Patrick McNealis, Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group, Allentown Chamber Chair

Having reached the start of fall, the school year has officially begun. The most prevalent consideration many of us have as parents, educators and students is: are we ready to excel during this upcoming school year? Each day, walking routes will be filled with children eager to engage in new experiences with the chance to acquire skills and obtain information that will allow them to grow. We hope that these children are excited for their days ahead where they will be given the opportunity to learn and be challenged.

The Allentown Chamber of Commerce and the African American Business Leaders Council are joining together to prepare for the Education in Allentown: Caring for Our Future Leaders event to be held on October 19. Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera and Allentown School District Superintendent Thomas Parker will be presenting to Lehigh Valley business and community leaders. It is important for our youth to develop the necessary skills to sustain our current business community into the future. The importance of education not only allows our children to mature and learn new skills, but it also ensures that our businesses succeed in the future. Every child should have the opportunity to learn in a compassionate, safe and stimulating environment.

The cliché "knowledge is power" cannot hold true enough when it comes to our children and youth in Allentown. The Allentown Chamber and our many partners will continue to work with educational leaders to ensure the best learning opportunities are available to all children. Preparing children to develop and advance into future employees, business leaders and upstanding community members is vital to our society. We are thrilled to partner with the African American Business Leaders Council to start this important conversation. I hope you will make plans to us on October 19.

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